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My 100

  1. I sign everything using my entire name, Lacy Ann Hood, despite the fact that nobody but my mother calls me by my entire name, and that’s only when I’m in trouble.
  2. I secretly wish people called me Lacy Ann.
  3. I love my family with all of my heart. I wouldn’t exchange them for anyone. I also love the age differences between my brothers and myself. My older brother is 11 years older than me and my younger brother is 9 years younger than me.
  4. The guys in my family have a very special and unique place in my heart. These three have a sense of humor that keeps me young. I don’t think any of them have matured past the age of 13, which needless yo say provides some good quaility entertainment.
  5. When I get married I want both my dad and older brother to walk me down the isle and my niece to be my flowergirl.
  6. My friends are my life. I hate that I’m away from the people that I’ve grown up with (physically and spiritually). You guys are my rock and I love you all!
  7. “It’s not that I like junk food, it’s just that I like Oreos a whole lot”. All that to say that I’m a a fan of Oreos. Double Stuff Chocolate Cream are my favorites.
  8. Once I get something in my head to do, such as a piercing or a hair cut, most of the time I do it that same day. i.e. the profile picture.
  9. I’m addicted to piercings.
  10. I also am literally addicted to coffee. I get wicked headaches if I don’t get any.
  11. The biggest purchase of my entire life was my MacBook and don’t regret it at all. Apples all the way!
  12. My next “large purchase” will be a professional quality digital camera.
  13. I do things not only because I like them, but because I enjoy getting reactions out of people as well.
  14. My car, as ridiculous as it may be, is one of my favorite things. It’s unique, as am I.
  15. I love seeing professional interpreters with tattoos. It gives me hope for future permanent artwork.
  16. I will probably always have white Christmas lights up somewhere in my house. I love the lighting that they give.
  17. I bought my first ever down comforter this year. I’m never going back to the cheep-o ones.
  18. Knitting is my love. I love being able to look at my creations and be proud of what I’ve made. I’m also not ashamed of knitting. I’ll bust it out whenever.
  19. I have a secret desire to quit school and just knit for the rest of my life. Someday…
  20. I’m pretty sure that my new favorite TV show is Arrested Development. It makes me so so sad that it no longer exists. 😦
  21. Laundry is my nemesis…
  22. … as are the dishes.
  23. French press coffee is my favorite. Strong and full of caffeine!
  24. Despite the years of hating the idea of piercing my nose, I really want it done.
  25. I have almost 16 gigs worth of music on my computer and actually listen to all of it.
  26. Unlike most people I actually love my family reunions.
  27. Upon occasion I have an accent like I’m from the mid-west.
  28. I say soda instead of pop.
  29. I randomly break out in camp-fire songs.
  30. I love adventure. Give me a random spur of the moment plan and I’m game.
  31. Speaking of games. I love playing games. Depending on the night I will be you biggest competition. Catch Phrase, Fishbowl, Apples to Apples, Fluxx, Mafia, Canasta… Just say the word and I’m there.
  32. I’m a cumpulsive spender and have issues saving money.
  33. One luxury that I never ever will give up, no matter how broke I am, is going out and buying coffee with friends.
  34. I have a storng desire to work at Starbucks someday.
  35. It’s ben decided. Someday I will live in downtown Portland.
  36. Someday I will travel the world. I want to step foot on every continent, except for maybe Antartica because I hate being cold.
  37. I’ve never borken a bone, had stiches, have only been stung by a bee once, and don’t remeber the last time I had the flu. Sometimes my health surprises me.
  38. Sometimes while playing sports I secretly desire to injure myself so I can have a cool story.
  39. I’ve moved more in the last year and a half than I have in my entire life.
  40. Sometimes I wish that I were either an art major or had gone to school for baking.
  41. I didn’t start wearing make-up regularly until my senior year of college. It makes me happy that I am comfortable enough in my own skin to wear make-up only because I want to and not because I feel like I need to.
  42. My favorite movie is The Wizard of OZ. My brother use to play it while babysitting me. It made his job a whole lot easier.
  43. I have never dyed the entirety of my hair. I attempted to add “strawberry blonde” highlights my senior year of high school and ended up with bright orange stripes in my hair. Ooops.
  44. I have never seen the Atlantic Ocean.
  45. One of my favorite activities is star gazing. Give me a clear night with out light pollution and I’m content for life.
  46. I’m a year round flip-flop wearer. Why wear shoes in the rain so you can have wet socks and shoes all day? At least my feet get a chance to dry in the flops.
  47. I cannot…. and I mean CANNOT…. be hot when I sleep. I love cool summer nights where I can feel the cool night breeze on my face.
  48. Speaking of summer, it’s my favorite season of all time. My hair bleaches to white, I get a tan, bonfires at the beach, summer camp, start gazing, ice cream, watermelon, no school, my birthday….. I feel like this list could go on and on.
  49. Still continuing on with the whole summer theme here… The best job that I have ever had has been working at YMCA Camp Bishop. I attended this camp as a child and started working there before I was even in high school.
  50. Starting my senior year of high school through the beginning of my senior year of college, the only color that I would paint my finger nails would be anything dark. It started as black and then evolved into dark purple and dark blue.
  51. I listen to all music, but country. Jazz, hip hop, alternative, metal, worship, bluegrass, pop, and punk are all genres that can be found in my iTunes.
  52. I want to dance in the rain. 🙂
  53. I had braces for 8 years. I went through headgear and rubber bands. As annoying as the process was, I am so thankful for my straight teeth now!
  54. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate chapstick is my favorite.
  55. In the summer, my wrists are covered in hand made bracelets, but they will all come off within a month of school starting.
  56. I LOVE Slurpees. They are very nostalgic for me. On nice days in grade school I would run outside after school got out to see if my dad was parked at the bottom of the hill. If he were it meant we were going to 7-11 to get Slurpees.
  57. My top favorite bands are Paramore and Switchfoot. I’ve loved them both much longer than most.
  58. I really don’t like being cold. At all. Ironically, I’m dating a hockey player.
  59. I permed my hair my freshman year of college. I miss having the curls, but I’m glad to have my healthy hair back.
  60. I have never gone tanning in the tanning beds, and it obvious with how white I get come winter time.
  61. 8 years of my life were taken by fastpitch. 6 of those years I played on a competitive summer league team. We traveled to a different city almost every weekend to play. I miss it a lot.
  62. In college I played rugby for one year. It was an absolute blast, and I really loved the girls I played with. However, I did not love all the drinking that came with it so I didn’t return.
  63. I love putting together mixed cds. Absolutely love it! I see it as an art. I rarely just throw together a mix. More often than not there is a good deal of time spent on what songs will be on it and in what order they belong.
  64. I really love driving. I don’t care where or how far. Throw some good tunes on and just  enjoy the scenery.
  65. I can successfully tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
  66. I can also unwrap a Starburst in my mouth.
  67. When I was younger some of the careers that I wanted to have include the first woman president, news anchor, and the first woman Pope. That’s right. I dreamt big.
  68. As far as flowers go, I’m into the spontaneous and unconventional. Roses are nice, but be creative and you’ll really make my day.
  69. My eyes have been 3 different colors thus far in my life. They started as blue, then went to hazel. During that point all I wanted was for my eyes to be green. Now they are. 🙂
  70. I got my first hair cut when I was 5. They lady cut my waist long hair off to my ears. That was the last time we went to her.
  71. The first ring that I ever got was during my first mission trip to Mexico when I was 14. I still wear it on the middle finger of my left hand 6 8 years later.
  72. Some of my Lacy-isms include stoked, dude, and stellar. I use them frequently.
  73. I am also HORRIBLE at math. For clear evidence see number 71.
  74. My sport history includes: gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track (hurdles, softball throw, and discus), fastpitch, and rugby.
  75. Everything is a competition for me, including this list. 🙂
  76. As a child my summer was filled with camp-outs in my backyard, Slurpees, yard sales with my dad, neighborhood water fights, night games of hide and seek and kick-the-can, Gulls baseball games, and blowing bubbles.
  77. My first real concert was Switchfoot. It was $15 for the ticket and they played at the ShowBox in Seattle. I touched Jon Foreman’s hand.
  78. I have never been good at video games.
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  1. KDub permalink
    October 28, 2009 12:09 pm

    And you’re short the 100….

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