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Stellar Creation

January 8, 2011

I’m spending this weekend with my dear (former) roomie in her new home, which is conveniently (or not considering it’s more than 2 hours away from me. Boo.) located at the coast. Anyway, I’ve alway been amazed with the beauty of the ocean and all that it entails. As my roomie and I were walking down the jetty towards the ocean we started talking about how we can never help but think about God when we’re at the beach. For me, the ocean is the one bit of creation that I can REALLY see my Creator in.

God and the ocean are both:
Powerful and peaceful.
Worthy of fear yet calming.
Mighty and awe-inspiring.
Something that can take your life in an instant,but it’s beauty still draws you to it.

I’m pretty sure we came up with more descriptions earlier today, but they have since slipped my brain. Anyway, the point is that God shows himself to me in the ocean and I cannot help but have a heart of worship while I’m standing in the sand and looking out at His stellar creation in complete awe.

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