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You Capture- The Years Best!

January 6, 2011

Considering I don’t need to take any new photos for this week’s challenge I’m taking part! (A new camera is in the plans!)
Edit: New camera has been purchased!!! You may continue…

I didn’t take as many photos this year as I would have liked, but my camera was on it’s last breath for most, if not all, of the year. I did end up stealing some pictures from Facebook friends but they are definitely included in my top 10 pictures of the year. So lets begin!!

In January I went and saw one of my all time favorite bands, Switchfoot, play live in Portland. This is probably my favorite picture of the night.

Not 100% sure when this lovely was taken, but I love it. This basically described the relationship of my roommates and myself perfectly. The 3 of us would be piled on one, maybe two couch cushions completely intertwined. It may look like there may be 6 different people in this picture, but I promise you there are only 3 of us. And yes, we all are wearing miss-matched socks. It’s how we roll. Living with these amazing women for a year was a huge blessing! Roomies for life!!

Spring we welcomed the newest addition to our family, Nolan Baker. Today he’s growing into his mellow laid-back personality. The family calls him meatball, and I call him my moose. I just adore him!

I will admit, this was taken with my phone, but hey it was still taken by me! Anywho…. I’m a huge fan of coffee dates and this was one with one one my lovely roomies. They are always good times and I plan on having plenty more this year!

This was not taken by me, but a great memory none-the-less. Over spring break there was a magician that performed at the local community college and having the connections that I have (my mom works for their performing arts center!) I was able to help set up and be the audience volunteer for the dress rehearsal. This is me with the amazing Curtis Adams during one of the acts. So much fun!!

Another picture that I did not take, but qualifies because it’s one of my favorites of the year. I was blessed with the opportunity this summer to work as a camp counselor at a jr high Christian camp for a week. This is picture of me with some of my girls and my co-counselor. Camp has always been a huge part of my life and this week may have topped all other weeks. It ended with me baptizing 2 of my girls. I was honored that they had asked me to play such an important role in such an amazing decision.

Following the trend of just a favorite picture…. These are my besties and myself at a friend’s wedding. This is my crew from Washington and I wish that we were able to spend way more time together so we could have these moments, but until then I have this picture.

This was from my phone and for sure one of my favorites. I was studying in the library one day and a friend came in and wrote this on the board. I felt so stinking special knowing that world could see this and it was all about me! If you can’t quite tell what it says here it is: “If you are blonde, and if you are beautiful, and if you are a pickin’ genius, and if your name begins w/ a L, and you love the Lord with all your heart…. then I’m saying “hi” to you!”

Another great moment that was captured with my phone was of this lovely bride. This is a great friend of mine who I was a bridesmaid for this summer. This was snapped on the way from pictures to the venue. It was hilarious stuffing her in the back seat of my car with all of her dress. I broke a few laws this day including a bit of off-roading in my Mazda to make sure that her day was absolutely perfect!

And to end this post…. These are my favorite little people, ever. I LOVE his face in this!

Be sure to check out more of the year’s best here!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 6, 2011 3:24 pm

    i love the switchfoot one and the coffee one….i so want an iced caramel macchiato now!

  2. January 6, 2011 4:03 pm

    Your pics made me smile. I love his face in that last shot, too.

  3. January 13, 2011 1:01 am

    Awww camp!!
    It was so nice to have you out there with us. You were such a great support to me when I was going through so much in one lil ol’ week!! I hope we gettah do it again soon.
    *cough*this summer??*cough*

    Love you!!

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