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The Bane of My Existence

April 17, 2010

I am currently sitting in one of the computer labs on campus at 8:30 on a Saturday night.

Yes I have a boyfriend and yes I would much rather be spending the evening with him. Technically I’d be spending it in a freezing ice arena cheering him on during his hockey game, but nevertheless I would rather be sitting on that hard bench wrapped in my blanket than sitting here, all by myself, alone, in this depressing lab.

I am sitting here diligently crossing things off of my homework “To-Do List” waiting for group members to show up so we can work on a project. A group project. Ugh. I really do not like my grade depending on the work of other people. I also do not like being a natural leader in this situation. I am the one who will try and rally the group together to get things done. One of these days I would really love to sit back and not delegate. Give me the work that needs to get done and I’ll do, I don’t want to organize it all.

Group work is the bane of my existence. It kills my Saturday nights.

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