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August 10, 2009

I think things are finally starting to sink in. This place that I’ve learned to call home for the past 9 weeks is about to become just a memory. I have made so many close friends, we’re a family now. We’ve gone through a lot as a project. We’ve desperately prayed for jobs, cried out to God when we’ve been sick, and trusted in Him to bring in the last of our support. In every case we have seen God come through. He provided jobs, he’s brought health to our project, and he’s provided $9,000 in the last 5 days. God is good. Along with the struggles that we have all experienced while being here, so much good has happened too. I have made memories that I’m sure I’ll be sharing with my grandkids someday.

Today marked day 1 of camp cleaning. Never did I expect the entire camp to be packed up and locked away in one day. The picnic benches that we at dinner at every single night are no longer there. The lawn furniture, which created a great place to hang out….. gone. Even the light that illuminated the “dance floor” for country swing dancing is packed up and away. As I saw everything slowly disappear I couldn’t help but feel like my summer was being packed up with it all. This is only my home for one more day before I leave. I’ll no longer be living in my little slice of heaven.

Dang. Here comes the first tear. It’s official. Leaving is really sinking in.

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