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The Last 9 Days

August 3, 2009

There are only 9 days left of my 9 week long Summer Project. I cannot believe that in less than a week and a half I will be leaving the 78 new brothers and sisters that I have grown so close to over the course of the summer. This has been an experience of a lifetime that I would not trade for the life of me. God has really done some amazing things through out my time here in South Lake Tahoe.

Some of the most memorable things that I’ve been able to see has been a 15 year old girl come to Christ, a single employer hire 11 Crusaders on the spot (including myself!), an amazing Christian community built, and memories that will last for a life time. I have talked to complete strangers on the beach about Christ and I have also gone door to door asking people about their spiritual background and sharing my own beliefs. I was brought flowers when I had to work during date night and have laughed so hard my stomach hurt the next day. I have been prayed for and encouraged when dealing with a lot of stress and have been able to do the same for my fellow LTSPers. I have had co-workers come to dinner and hang out with everyone and have taken my boss out to breakfast with the rest of her “church girls”. I have fallen on my knees in tired desperation for the Lord and have lifted my hands in praise. I have seen God use “ravens and widows” to provide $3000 worth of support and He’s also provided 74 summer jobs in a tourist town that is struggling due to the economy.

This has been such a stellar summer, I don’t think that I’m quite ready to leave it and go back to the real world. Here’s to the last 9 days of the best summer of my life. 🙂

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  1. clarkson20 permalink
    August 3, 2009 11:10 am

    There’s someone looking forward to seeing you in 9 days. Hopefully you’re looking forward to seeing him, too.

    • August 4, 2009 9:45 am

      Of course I’m looking forward to seeing him! 🙂

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