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The War Has Begun

July 11, 2009

Pranks are a part of camp life. You get a group of college kids together for a long period of time, pranks will be played. It’s inevitable. Already here in Tallac Village we’ve had a few harmless pranks played on the general public.

First there was saran wrap around one of the boy’s cabins.

Saran Wrap!

Saran Wrap!

Then there was my favorite. All of the lawn furniture was stacked on top of the balcony outside of the family room. To make this prank even better, all of the peanut butter that’s stacked on top of the fridges inside the family room, was moved outside and put in a pyramid formation on all of the furniture on the balcony. A harmless prank that everyone got a good laugh at.

That's my buddy Lauren. So proud of her for this! :)

That's my buddy Lauren. So proud of her for this! 🙂

Now the other night was the beginning of the end. Pranks got personal and I’m “guilty by gender association”. Here is what I have decided what happened after piecing together stories. The guys decided to go skinny dipping and told the girls exactly what they were going to do. In response the girls (and by the girls I do not mean every single one… because there were some of us, including myself, that were not involved) decided to prank the boys. Part of the prank was covering one of the guy’s car with yellow sticky notes. Hilarious!!

Chris's car and just a few of the girls

Chris's car and just a few of the girls

They continued the evening of pranks by pulling all of their mattresses outside and placing them around camp. There were mattresses on the ground, on roofs, and stuck between trees. Slightly funny. It stopped being funny when the guys came back and not only were find their mattresses, but other belongings, including toothbrushes and clothes, scattered around camp. Some guys took it really well and laughed it off, others didn’t take it well at all. This morning all of us girls woke up with various items placed on our porches as well as a few cabins without hot water as a warning to all of us girls.

A war has started and I am pretty sure that I am stuck in the middle. 😛

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