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Staff Turnover

July 11, 2009

This last Sunday we had what was called Staff Turnover. For those of you who don’t know, all of the staff here on project leave halfway through. All of the responsibilities that all the directors and other staff people had, were given over to select students. We have new student directors, leaders for ministry teams, and life group leaders. It was a super emotional night for me. It hit me that in a short week, all of the staff would be leaving and project would be halfway over.

Tonight marks the staff’s last night here. We have the staff banquet to honor them and thank them for all they’ve done while they have been here. Tonight I have to say good-bye to my life group leader, MeeHee. This woman has played such a huge role in how far God has brought me this far. She’s the one who has encouraged me to be open and vulnerable through her own story. She knows me inside and out, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the redeemed. I could not have asked for a better “life coach”. I can’t wait until winter conference to be reunited again! 🙂

Life group picture!

Life Group! (Amy, Haley, Lauren, myself, and MeeHee)

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