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Bear With Me

July 2, 2009

As I’m typing this, there is a black bear 6 stories up one of our trees here in Tallac Village. We have been instructed to stay in our cabins until further notice. My roommate Jessica is a “eco-ranger” for Heavenly and is teaching Mia and I all about our new pet. I guess they climb trees when disturbed….. go figure.

Anyway… on a slightly different note, I would love to share with you all something amazing that happened this last Sunday. Sundays here at LTSP are our outreach days. My life group, as well as 2 others, we assigned to go to Zepher Cove. We were informed that this is the party beach of South Lake Tahoe. What an understatement. The beach was packed with people BBQing and drinking. Well, we paired up and went out to spread the Good News the beach-comers. I was paired with a guy named Zack from Idaho. Lets just say that his style of outreach is really different from how I would do things. The very first people that we see upon setting foot on the sandy beach, he approaches and very straight forwards states that we’re from Campus Crusade for Christ and we’re looking to have spiritual conversations with people. Wow. No surprise to me they said that they weren’t interested, so we moved on. The same process repeated with the next people that we approached, only this time they were willing to talk. So Zack started right in. Come to find out the guy we was talking to is a Jehovah Witness. This was a great match for Zack because he was raised going to the Kingdom Hall with his parents. As he sat and talked theological things that were beyond me, I began talking to the sister-in-law. Come to find out she’s a believer. A little discouraged that I wasn’t able to share my faith with anyone, I continued to talk with her. Eventually her niece, the daughter of the man who Zack was talking with, came up and we started casually talking.

Julie is a 15 year old sophomore from Reno NV. She attends church with her dad and considers herself a Jehovah Witness as well. There’s a whole lot that I do not know about that faith so I began to ask her what it was that she believed. She told me as much as she knew and answered any question that I had for her to the best of her abilities. I then asked if I could share a bit about what I believed. To my surprise she said yes! I pulled out my little “Knowing God Personally” book, or as we call it, the KGP and began to go through it with her. This little book just explains how we all are sinners and are in need of a savior. It explains the punishment for depending on ourselves, and the reward for trusting in Jesus Christ. At the end there is a basic prayer of salvation and then various things that become true if you said the prayer, asking Jesus into your heart. I asked Julie if that was the desire of her heart and she said yes!! However she wanted to wait and think a bit more before making a decision. I said fine and continued through the rest of the book. After giving her the book to hold onto and look over for a while she looked up and asked if she had to read the prayer aloud and close her eyes. I told her no, however she wants to do it was fine with God. Moments later she read the prayer of salvation and right before my eyes I had a new sister in Christ!!

It was quite amazing seeing God work in a person’s heart right before my eyes. I also feel so blessed that God would use me as a tool to reach this girl. God is great and He knows what He’s doing that’s for sure! He was able to work through my attitude problems and reach out to a lost soul. How amazing is that? This experience has fueled a fire to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! Watch out world….

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  1. Nancy Pants! permalink
    July 7, 2009 6:30 pm

    Lacy-kins! I love your face and way to GO telling people about JESUS!!


    see you in a few months. 🙂

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