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LTSP ’09- The Beginnings.

June 23, 2009

Wow. I can’t believe that I’ve been in South Lake Tahoe for almost 2 weeks. now. First off let me just say how BEAUTIFUL it is here!! I’m surrounded by huge green pine trees and amazing snowcapped mountains. Not to mention I’m only a 20 minute walk from the clearest, most blue lake I have ever seen in my entire life!!

Our first glimpse of the lake off in the distance

Our first glimpse of the lake off in the distance

So after a very long 13 hour car ride, Mel, Melissa, Kayla, and myself finally arrived in Tallac Village and got our cabin assignment of where we’d be living for the next 9 weeks of our lives. Let me tell you, these are some of the smallest cabins I’ve ever seen. I sleep on the top of a triple (yes triple) bunk. Each cabin is equipped with a bathroom, which is only wide enough to fit a toilet, and only long enough to fit the world’s smallest shower, a sink, and the toilet. No worries, pictures are to come. Anyway, I have been blessed with 2 awesome roommates. Jessica and Mia. Ironically all 3 of us are from the great state of Washington. I’m super excited to get to know these women even more as the weeks progress.

Speaking of amazing people who I’m excited to get to know over the next few weeks- there are about 75 more people here that I can’t wait to get to know! I’m excited to see the types and various levels of friendships that develop over the summer.

So many may be wondering what these last 2 weeks have consisted of. Well for the most part, as a group we all have been out scouring the South Lake Tahoe and Heavenly area searching for summer jobs. In the past this has been a very easy task for LTSPers (Lake Tahoe Summer Projecters). However, looking at the current economy and the effects that it has had on this tourist community, finding summer jobs had been quite the task. 2 weeks into project and only abut half of our team has jobs. Understanding and holding onto the truth that God does have a plan for me and a place for me to work while I’m here has been difficult to hold onto these last few days. I’m quickly seeing that every lead that I have had, has fallen through. I feel as if I am back to square one, only this time with nowhere to start. My teammates and friends continue to encourage me and I am blessed by that. I ask that you keep myself and my fellow LTSPers in your prayers as we are out searching for jobs where there doesn’t seem to be any.

Thank you all for you prayers and support thus far in my journey. I’m super excited to experience God in an entirely new and exciting way over the course of these next 7 week!

Pope Beach (S. Lake Tahoe)

Pope Beach (S. Lake Tahoe)

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