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April 22, 2009

I got my first bit of support for project last night. It’s official! I’m 2% funded! It may not seem like a whole lot to any body else but it’s so exciting for me. It’s the first glimpse of what God can and is going to do. I am extremely blessed. So here’s the story:

Last night at CRU I had a stack of letters to hand out to people who normally attend (trying to save on postage because gosh darn it adds up fast!). As I’m giving a letter to one of my Bible study leaders, she hands something to a young, freshly married couple, who I just happened to send a letter to the day before. I am kind of bummed that I spent the money on postage when they ended up at CRU last night. I kind of joke with her and say that I would of had something for her too if I knew they were coming. Then she hands me an envelope with my name on it and apologizes for using her leftover wedding stationary. In my head I’m thinking it was a thank-you card or something of that sort, but on the card inside it says “Have Fun!” and there’s a $50 check. BAH! This is a young newlywed couple! I wanted to start crying right then and there. I feel like God has blessed me way more than I deserve already. It is exciting to see how God’s providing for me though. Only a month and a half left to go! 😀

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