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The Journey is Just Beginning

April 9, 2009

I finally got my official acceptance to Summer Project!! It appears that I will be spending 10 weeks of my summer, from June 10th-August 12th,  on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe! YAY!!! I can’t even begin to express my excitement! 10 weeks of pursing God with 80 other college students from around the country with the same heart. I’m seriously so excited that I could wet myself, but I’ll refrain because that would just be awkward… Anyway, I’m sorry that this is such a quick update, but I will leave you with some prayer requests.

  • Financial support for project. There’s only 2 short months until I leave for Tahoe, which leaves two short months to raise $2,800 in support and the first $200 due in the next few weeks. Gah! It’s quite a daunting task in my eyes, but I honestly believe that God will provide as long as I am proactive. So, be looking forward to a support letter coming to a mailbox near you! 🙂
  • Job for both right now and while at project. I just put in my application to a local Starbucks today. This is my dream job and has been for quite sometime now. I have to fully rely on God and his plan for my life in this because no matter where I’m get hired, whether that’s Starbucks or not, I’m going to have to either have the 10 weeks for project off or to be transfered to a Tahoe location for those 10 weeks. Not a normal thing that employers do with in the first few months of hiring a new employee, but then again God is no where near normal.
  • My heart and spirit continue to be prepared for all that He has in store from now through project.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

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