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My Needs According to Google

February 27, 2009

Lacy needs to get a clue.

Lacy needs a plan B.

Lacy needs to find a savvy and experienced merchant who understands how to sell everything from milk to swimsuits.

Lacy needs to learn self control.

Lacy needs to learn how to box.

Lacy needs to go bye bye!

Lacy needs to stop the circling behavior. (Obviously Google read my blog about dancing in the street!)

Lacy needs to be kicked in the shins.

Lacy needs more time to collect her mind.

Lacy needs to marry me.

Lacy needs some seasoning.

Lacy needs someone that has the time to mess with her, she loves attention.

Lacy needs to take a trip to Jamaica she will be straightened out real good and proper.

AND…. my personal favorite….

Lacy needs to put herself out there more and get a boyfriend. (Bah-hahaha!)

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