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Lessons Learned

November 23, 2008

This weekend I was given the awesome opportunity to spend Friday and Saturday with some of the youth girls from home and other leaders (who together we were the youth at one point… weird thought!) at the Revolve Tour. This is a conference aimed towards teenage girls and it really is so great! I got a lot out of the various speakers and dramas, but I thought that I’d share with you some of the lessons that I learned “outside” of the purpose of the conference. These are just somethings that I learned about myself.


1. Being in a rush never helps any situation.


  • In fact… this is when the world turns against me and bad things happen. Story time I guess. I had quite a starter for my weekend. First off I got on the road a bit later than I wanted for the Revolve Tour so I hit the worse traffic on 205. It took me somewhere around an hour to move about 3 miles. It was absolutely ridiculous. Needless to say, once traffic got moving once again I was a bit of a speed demon. I finally found the Rose Quarter and the garage to park in and a parking spot! I thought that I was golden; well I was wrong. On my way to pull my little car into this little space, I managed to hit the brand new Scion parked in the spot next to the spot I was pulling into. Hmm… go me. 😛


2. I LOVE spending time with teenage girls! They are a blast and a half!


  • I was able to spend a day and a half with some of the girls from GYC. I seriously had probably the 3 best girls in my room that I could have asked for. They are such a RIOT! We spent Friday night in the hotel eating junk food, talking boys, and having a mini dance party. Not to mention rocking out with them to Hawk Nelson and Group 1 Crew. We danced our hearts out. I was able to let loose and be 15 again. So refreshing.


Heading back after lunch.

Heading back after lunch.


3. I should never take my friends for granted. They are a huge blessing to me.


  • I also got to spend time with Kim this weekend. She is such a blessing in my life. I love being able to just talk to her and fill her in on my life and get filled in on her life. I’m so excited to be able to spend even more time with her when I’m home for Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Rhianna Kim and I!

Rhianna Kim and I!




4. I still have a love for Hawk Nelson.


"OMG! It's Hawk Nelson!" faces. 😀


  • After discovering Hawk Nelson years ago I love that I can say that I am a fan still. Sadly (for me) I was questioning my fandom for awhile…. but it’s been re-established. Their music may not be the style that I’m super into right now, but they still can put on a great show! I loved rocking out to them as well as meeting the drummer! Eek! 😀 Also having some bragging rights was a riot. I thought the girls were going to kill me when I told them I met him and snagged a picture as well as an autograph! (See number 5 to get the story!)



Me and Justin Benner (drummer from HN).

Me and Justin Benner (drummer from HN).


5. I’m a complete and utter nerd when it comes to sign language!


  • So of course… being an ASL major, the first thing I do upon walking into the Rose Quarter is seek out the interpreters. Once I found them I could not take my eyes off of them! It was ridiculous! Upon watching them interpret amazingly for the different bands and dramas and speakers, I decided it would be my ultimate goal to meet them and ask how the heck do I get their job. So one break I try to go down onto the floor so I can meet them. Well security stops me and asks for a ticket. Now see, if I were smart I would have acted deaf and started signing to them and my plan would have worked. But no, I tell them that I want to meet the interpreters and they still won’t let me pass with out a ticket. How lame. Well next break I decide to walk all the way around to the other side of the arena that they are at and go to the corner of the first level nearest to them in hopes I can grab one of their attentions so I can talk with them. Well I wait and wait and wait some more. I see them but they start talking to some girls on the floor, then go back stage. Meanwhile, this whole time girls are lining up in front of me on the floor. I had assumed it was some autograph line of some sort, and I also assumed it was some person from the worship band because I was other members wandering around giving autographs, but I really don’t care about them. I’m there for the interpreters. Well then I take a closer look at what the girls are holding and the guy signing autographs…. it’s the drummer from Hawk Nelson. Oh my gosh! How nerdy am I?! I had totally disregarded the rock star in hopes that I could just talk to the interpreters! Gah… I’m such a geek! 😛
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  1. November 24, 2008 12:09 am

    Hey Lacy!! I Love it! It was so much fun and I am SOOO glad we are friends!!


  2. November 29, 2008 9:21 pm

    Oh Lacy, you crack me up IMMENSELY!!
    I’m so glad that you had a good time and enjoyed yourself so much!! I am definitely a lil jealous that we didn’t take our youth girls to that to have such a great time. I’ve only ever met one band… and they’re called “BeanBag”. Ugh. (And I only met them because they took pity on me at a medic station where I had to sit after I’d passed out during a show.)

    I’m so glad that your love for Hawk Nelson has been revived. What a great joy!! Okay, I sound like a total dork. I’m going now. 🙂

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