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Late Night Reflections

November 20, 2008

So every Wednesday night I take part in a Bible study with some amazing girls! At the beginning of the year I was hoping to find a coed group to be a part of and then God made me check my heart and intentions and I realized that I needed to find a girls Bible study to be a part of. The study that I go to is called “Team Jo” because both of the leader’s middle names are Jo; Haley Jo and Randi Jo. These two are such a riot and such a blessing to have in my life as spiritual leaders. Every week we start off the night with delicious snacks and a life story from one of the girls. At first I was really nervous about having to give my life story because first off I’ve never given my life story before and second I’ve been in some places in my life that I am not proud of at all. We started out with whoever happened to bring snacks would give their story. That was decided after I brought snacks so I was excited thinking that I was off of the hook! Well after hearing both Randi and Haley give their stories, I realized how much I was able to relate to, and suddenly I was thinking a bit differently about having to give my story eventually. It was amazing how God was totally able to change my heart and show me that this really was the Bible study that he wanted me to be at.

For whatever reason it was a much smaller group tonight but I really liked that. Everyone talked a bit more, so I was able to get to know some of the girls a little better. They all are super sweet and hilarious to boot. We went off on so many rabbit trails tonight it was absolutely ridiculous, but I guess that’s going to happen when you get a group of girls together. Haha. It has been a long time since I’ve laughed as hard as I did tonight. We do prayer requests at the end and I think it took about an hour just to get through those! It was so worth it though. Tonight was also the night for me to give my life story. This week has been a week full of sharing my life because not only did I share it at Bible study tonight, I also gave my testimony at Crusade last night. It had been about a year since I gave my testimony last and I forgot how hard it was to talk about my mom’s battle with cancer. God really helped me grow so much during that time, I am truly blessed. Like I said, I have never shared my life story before so it was really cool to be able to see all that God has brought me through in my life over my 21 short years. I’ll say it again, I am so blessed.

I am so excited to see where God takes this Bible study and to see the amazing relationships that come out of it as well!

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  1. November 21, 2008 4:09 am

    Lacy, I’m so happy to hear this. Isn’t it great to be able to hear His voice? I’m glad you can see where God has brought you from and to!

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